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Conversations about City-building at the intersection of planning and engineering. Michelle Berquist, Rob Muir and Muneef Ahmad reflect on stories behind-the-scenes of "Plangineering" projects.

Jul 16, 2017

The Plangineers talk about how the input of technical experts can help round out storytelling to add the "why" to the "who cares?"

(Sorry for the confusion in the intro...this is actually episode #5, you're right.)

Reporting on the GO Train flooding of 2013 may have exaggerated the frequency of this occurrence

Check out Rob's CityFloodMap blog post on the matter

Discussing the context of numbers and the value of infographics

How technical input to the media can add the "why" to the spice of storytelling as well as the mechanisms of mini-advocacy

The lesson of communicating like an activist while telling a good story

The need for our professions to push past humility and tell good stories that will resonate and inform people in positive ways

Listeners might be interested to know that during our cut, to keep the show within our regular ~20-25min length, we sacrificed a dialogue on "open data", it's emergence, relevance and potential value as a tool for healthy skepticism. Though it was a relevant part of the overall dialogue that dialogue almost stood on its own so we cropped it from the final edit that you hear.

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